1. SolidLink SolidLink:
    this is sick
  2. John John:
    haha I think it's a nice addition alongside the Discord
  3. SolidLink SolidLink:
  4. P Proxy:
    Link this to general in discord cool feature.
  5. John John:
    oh that would be cool. ill have to experiment with it
    i try to open up the client but it wont open up for meh sadlyy
  7. John John:
    @ROVER going to try to figure out why that's happening today.
  8. John John:
    @ROVER ensure your graphics drivers are up to date as well
  9. T TheCrzyDoctor:
    hello randome people of the interwebs
  10. John John:
    @John did u fix yet>
  12. John John:
    @ROVER can you post a thread in https://www.mmorpgcreation.com/community/forums/issues-bug-reports.73/ with your computer specs? Want to keep track of this, but let's figure it out. Sorry i've had a lot of unexpected things come up this weekend
  13. P Perfekt:
    John, you on?
  14. P Perfekt:
    @John - Yo.
  15. John John:
    @John yep. shot you a PM
  16. John John:
    lmao I just mentioned myself
  17. P Perfekt:
    Lmao. Good job.
  18. T TheCrzyDoctor:
    so who wants a crash course on python/django other than @John lol
  19. John John:
    I'm sure it'd be a lot of use as a resource if you'd be down to draft up a post for the Programming section
  20. John John:
    I'm going to do a series on C#/.NET eventually
  21. T TheCrzyDoctor:
    ugh i hate making shit like that lol
  22. T TheCrzyDoctor:
    ill just video record it and be done with it lol
  23. SolidLink SolidLink:
  24. John John:
  25. John John: