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RPGCreation - Open Source DirectX8 Engine

Source Information
Information, License and any other documentation are included in the download. Please read the General License before downloading.

Site Info
Website: Link
Forum: Link

[align=center]Engine Features

DirectX 8 Engine
[Image: directx8.png]

Custom Autotile Engine
[Image: autotile.png]

Advanced Weather System (Particle)
[Image: weather.png]

Directional blocking
[Image: dirblock.png]

Advanced Particle System
Improved Scrolling Map
3D Map Sound Engine
Proper Memory Managment System
Player-to-player trading
Dynamic Maps
Drag + drop visual inventory
RMXP style editor suite
Complete resource system
Byte array packets with enumerated headers sent via WinSock
Properly managed memory for graphics
Dual-layer animations
Full spell system
Visual shop system
Please read the General License before downloading.

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